A landmark property in the heart of Doylestown borough, The Doylestown Inn is a boutique hotel featuring The Hattery Stove and Still Restaurant. Over its history going back to the early 20th century, the property has housed a hattery, a cigar shop, a shoe store, a restaurant, and even a speakeasy during prohibition. In 2014, we redesigned 4500 square feet of the building into what is now affectionately known as “The Hattery”. To connect the street level to the lower level, we opened up the floor, removed a wall, and designed an industrial steel stair with wood blanks to create a two-story restaurant and bar. The lower bar features an antique car “cut in half” supporting the bar and concrete counter, by craftsman Daryl Rost.

To pay homage to the history within and to create a compelling aesthetic, we included elements from past eras such as whimsical lighting made of derby hats and light fixtures made of antique silverware. We brought in reclaimed pumpkin pine floorboards and various additional items such as an antique still, a wall of antique suitcases, vintage cigar boxes affixed to the ceiling, and a “speakeasy” door complete with sliding peep hole. We changed what had been a plain looking lower level office space with white walls and a drop ceiling and designed a complete transformation to embrace the “bottle in the wall” speakeasy atmosphere. Removing the trim and plaster to expose the steel and brick structure evokes an antique industrial ambience for a cozy and comfortable Doylestown destination spot.

The Doylestown Inn is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

CATEGORY: Restaurant / Hospitality
LOCATION: Doylestown, PA


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