Presented with a major design renovation project for the new owners of this home, we had the opportunity to create something truly special. The existing kitchen was tight, surrounded with doors to other rooms, and overall, the house lacked defining characteristics. Looking at the big picture, we focused on the kitchen, dining, and living areas as one space. A clean and sleek modern kitchen is now the center of activity and the wide-plank white oak flooring throughout the home provides a unified feeling. Incorporating a disconnected and under-used dining room, we designed the new space to be voluminous, with skylights and large windows, pulling in warmth and light. Large bi-fold doors open the entire length of the rear wall, allowing the inside to extend out, connecting the home with the beautiful gardens surrounding the addition. The large and adaptable open plan in this complete transformation and renovation has become the “heart of the home”, well suited to the new owner’s tastes and lifestyle.

CATEGORY: Residential Addition
LOCATION: Buckingham, PA


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