This new covered terrace has become the perfect place for summertime gatherings or to cozy up in front of the fire on a fall night. The clients expressed a desire for a dynamic exterior living space complete with an open-air bar and grill, dining area, and fireside lounge. The lounge area acts as a pivot point between the new pool, the front walk, and the rear terrace. Open on all sides, it features a high vaulted pyramid ceiling with a shiplap finish and an eyebrow window. The infrared heating panels and the heavy stone fireplace ensure a warm and cozy atmosphere even in the coldest weather. When entertaining, the large bluestone terrace offers ample space both undercover and in the sun. The overall design is simple yet elegant: a combination of soft white framing with natural stones and wood, all set on a raised stone terrace. The copper roof and cedar shingles add an extra level of detail that make this outdoor space utterly unique.

CATEGORY: Residential / New Construction
LOCATION: Bucks County, PA
BUILDER: J.R. Maxwell Builders
PHOTOGRAPHER: J.R. Maxwell Builders 


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