Celebrating Twenty Years

Service Areas


Our residential work encompasses everything from historic restoration of traditional Bucks County farmhouses to designing completely new homes utilizing modern architectural elements.

Commercial / Education

Our work in the commercial and education sector focuses on elevating design, structure, and form. Known for designing many prominent buildings in the region, we create structures and settings that become focal points in commercial districts.

Equestrian / Barns / Stables

When it comes to equestrian architecture, we make it our job to understand the very specific needs for each facility, providing comprehensive solutions incorporating the best in design and function.

Restaurant / Hospitality

Our team has extensive restaurant and hospitality industry knowledge and experience, having designed a wide range of establishments including restaurants, bars, markets, hotels, inns, wedding venues and banquet facilities.

Twenty years and we’re just beginning...

“I admire Ralph both as a person and an architect. His designs are flawless and fit right in with our town’s architectural history and charm. In a historic village like New Hope, the ability to ‘marry’ old to new is critical and Ralph is a master at it. He is also generous with his time and expertise. We’ve worked together on the board of New Hope Arts for over 10 years where his time, energy and knowledge are invaluable. My touchstone for Ralph is respect - his work respects our town’s past and, in the present, he is highly respected in the town as well. Here’s to the next 20 years!”

“With his sensitive and informed aesthetic, and exceptional design skills, Ralph has created an extraordinary body of architectural work. Congratulations on 20 years!”

Celebrating 20 years in business is a milestone we intend to build on for years to come. As architects, we know that our projects will outlive us. From historic restoration, home renovation, and equestrian facilities to restaurants, event spaces, and other commercial enterprises, our work is there for all to see, for people to use, for time to erode, and for future generations to judge.

“It’s my dream that 50 years from now, someone will design an adaptive reuse of one of our projects with whatever is the newer technology of the time. My vision is to leave graceful ruins across the landscape that will be cared for and cherished by future generations.”

Over the last 20 years, we’ve had the opportunity to help many clients realize their dreams. In turn, allowing us to provide design leadership has led us to some of the landmark projects we’ve participated in such as The Ferry Market and The Logan Inn in the historic borough of New Hope, PA. These examples of architectural design and renovation embrace our philosophy of “looking to the future while honoring the past” – respecting the architecture of a historic town while simultaneously contributing to the next generation of architectural icons.

Let’s create something special...